Caring for your Lumela plain white, full color and floral Enamelware…..

Lumela Afrika enamelware is made from fine Porcelain enamel on a steel base and provides an easy, yet eye catching alternative for tableware when it comes to entertaining. Our modern manufacturing processing adds strength and durability as primers and enamels are baked onto strong carbon steel at high temperatures. From the oven to the table to the dish washer. Our Lumela collection is functional and timeless Whether mixed or matched our ranges can impressively enhance your existing table theme. It is also easy to clean and store so please do enjoy our top quality Enamelware from Lumela.

Porcelain enameled tableware vs. tin tableware

 Lumela enamelware is vastly superior to typical tin plates, bowls and mugs. The production of our enamel is basically a manual process which adds to its uniqueness.  We use a heavy high-grade carbon steel which is first coated with primer and then immersed in enamel frits. It is then fired in the kiln at between 1500 and 1800 degree’s. This process creates a hard finish on top of the steel that ensures durability. Our enamel is rust and UV resistant, the colour doesn’t fade, it is easy to wash and can be used on the stove or campfire, in the oven and in the freezer.   In contrast typical tin tableware is made from low grade steel which is coated with powdered enamel paint and only baked at 400 degrees. This type of product is inexpensive but is not at all durable and not meant for food use.

Caring-For-Your-HAND PAINTED-Enamelware

 In terms of our hand decorated enamelware products we still use our top quality porcelain enamel, however due to the fact that it is hand painted it is fragile and must be handled with care. Because of the fact that we hand paint onto the porcelain enamelware – the product is then baked at much lower temperatures and must therefore not be put in an oven or microwave or on top of a stove plate or open flame. No sharp objects must be used on the enamelware and the products must be washed in tepid water. It is advisable to make sure that food should not be steaming hot when placed in bowls and plates. Hot water, tea, coffee however can be used in the mugs, coffee and teapots. Our paints used are SABS approved, nontoxic and lead free.