- Elizabeth Mohoje -


I started at Lumela Afrika in 1995 there were only 2 of us, our company was very small and we started with enamel and ceramic products and only painted 2 designs wacky and ndebele. My salary was very small but then it was a small company. Today we have plenty more people and my salary is very much better. Our boss tries very hard to keep the orders coming in and the business going so that we can keep our jobs. I love my job. I am glad to be able to provide fully for my children and their needs. I am grateful for this job as I have no qualifications and all the painting and art skills I now have I have learnt at Lumela Afrika. I would not find a job easily elsewhere. I can now paint many different designs and this makes the work interesting and I enjoy it very much. Thank you.



- Christina Modise -


I joined Lumela Afrika on the 2nd September 1997. We where 8 people.

I am very thankful for having this job as I am single and I am able to fully provide for myself. Work is difficult to find in South Africa, especially work that you enjoy. I love my job and I try my best.



- Patrick Tokonya -

I am fortunate to have a job at Lumela Afrika because I am not highly skilled and I do not have very good eye sight. I am grateful to Lumela for helping me to obtain glasses to improve my eyesight as this now makes my work much easier and I enjoy my job. I am happy and thankful for the opportunity to work at Lumela Afrika and I am able to support my family. I am good at art and I do all the drawings free handed on each and every Lumela product.


- Piet Tulani -


I started working at Lumela Afrika in 2005 and before I started at Lumela I was unemployed for 8 years. Lumela was my first job in my whole life and to tell the truth I love working at Lumela Afrika. I always keep praying that God will keep this little company of us running for a long time. Since I've been working at Lumela my life has changed because I can support my family, my mother and my sister's children. I love my job with all my heart. I love the way the manager and the supervisors are doing their jobs. Working at Lumela has thought me so many things. I am fortunate to have been able to learn and work in most of the sections and I relieve the supervisors from time to time. God Bless Lumela Afrika!



- Buyile Sithole -

I started with Lumela Afrika in March of 2002 and I'm happy to have this job as I am a single mother and I lost my husband in December of 1997 and still had 3 children to raise. My circumstances were not good at all as my youngest son suffers from asthma and needed medication frequently but since I'm with Lumela all has changed drasticly and my life has become easier. I love my work very much.