About Us



Lumela Afrika, (Lumela meaning hello in the Sotho language) established in 1995 is a job creation project focusing on the employment of single mothers but also men from the local townships of Sharpeville, Sebokeng and Orange Farm. The Lumela range consists of both functional and decorative items. We have a diverse range of products – many of which are hand crafted and painted, making each product unique in its own right. None of our hand crafted items are completely identical. Lumela, however is not just about bright, fun products - it is essentially about empowerment and upliftment. 


Our mission is to continue to positively change the lives of our local men, women and children, through sustainable employment as well as ongoing support to more children’s homes.


Our mission is 3 fold: Our product mission is to create products which are of the highest standard both aesthetically and functionally. Our mission as a company is to provide friendly, reliable and efficient service to our clients. Our social mission is to actively recognize the pivotal role that business can play in improving the quality of life of our local people and we strive to do this.


Lumela is also involved in supporting homes which focus on caring for abused, orphaned and handicapped children. The homes that we are involved with are Sukasamba ( an orphanage looking after mentally and physically disabled children), Dorcas Aid Gauteng (providing social care to the aged, orphans and vulnerable children, mentally and physically disabled, the terminally ill, the homeless and destitute) cradle of hope ( home for abused women and children).



Thank you for making this mission possible! From all of us at LUMELA!



Quality and Safety

All our paints used are SABS approved, non toxic and lead free.